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  • Cleaning Services All Over Perth, Australia
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Few questions you may have in your mind we have answered for you 🙂
While we make every effort to be up-front about the status of your request and as client oriented as possible, we can't promise that someone will be able to attain you the same day. People are humans with a variety of different schedules. However, depending on the area, about 60-70% of all appointments are served, so the chances are very good.
Whatever serves you best. We can work with a key or lockbox to allow the cleaners access, or you can be present while we clean. Our cleaners will inform you with the exact time of their arrival and half an hour before they finish their job.
No, all our cleaners come fully equipped with all the cleaning supplies.

We adore pets! It should not be an issue because most homes have pets. However, make use of your own discretion. While the cleaners are there, you may want to secure your pet, especially if it is particularly large or aggressive.
Yes, we try to work around your schedule and your convenience to provide top class service.
Timeline estimates are not possible until we have a better idea of the square footage and scope of cleaning necessary. To give you an idea, two cleaners can spend up to four hours on a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home, while it takes five to eight hours to clean a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. If the property is large and hasn't been cleaned in a while, it may take more than a day to get everything back in order. That's why it's essential that you read the details of what we cover and what we don't before giving us a call. The first thing our specialists will do is ask for all the details before giving you a time estimate, so be prepared to share everything with them. We never go past the timelines. With our professional help, you can enjoy a stress-free and peaceful end of tenancy.
The cleaning team can move smaller pieces of furniture such as chairs and coffee tables. To clean thoroughly in tight spaces, clear out any large pieces of furniture. We strongly advise that any and all personal things be removed from the premises.
Ceiling cleaning is not part of the standard cleaning package at the end of a lease cleaning. However, after the ceilings have been inspected, we can provide you with a quote.
Yes, you can cancel your booking without any cancellation fee. But there might be a fee if you do so at the last-minute. It needs to be done before 24 Hrs.
Yeah of course! UJ’s Cleaning Service’s (UCS) friendly staff is available at any time 🙂

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